Magic Kingdom

- no trip to Orlando would be complete without Disney's best-loved theme park;

Magic kingdom was the first of the four Disney theme parks to open its doors, and is still arguably one of the best. It holds a very special place in a lot of people's hearts. So why not come along and find out why?

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Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Where dreams really do come true


More about Magic Kingdom

The theme park is separated into 6 very different and distinct lands.

Main Street, U.S.A. Where you can stop and enjoy a snack or quick drink before indulging any Disney shopping needs you may have in one of the many gift shops.

Adventureland Have you ever wanted to cruise you way through a jungle, but been a little scared of the animals you might encounter? Well, Disney has solved that problem. The jungle cruise is just one of the many rides featured in Adventureland that will leave you wanting more.

Frontierland We hope you don't mind getting a little wet when you're on vacation because Splash Mountain is sure to soak you and your loved ones just a little bit. Though don't worry too much, a quick trip on a runaway gold rush train should have you dry before can say Mickey Mouse.

Liberty Square Is the home of one of Magic Kingdoms premier attractions, The Haunted Mansion. It is one of the very best themed rides in all of Orlando. Do you dare discover what the ghosts have in store for you? New Fantasyland Is still very much in the development stages at the moment. But we have it on good authority that the New Fantasyland will be nearly double the size of the original one, and will sport an amazing array of new rides and attractions.

Tomorrowland Is a must go land. It is the home of Magic Kingdom's indoor roller coaster, Space Mountain. A ride that is sure to be a hit with any thrill seekers in your party. But it also houses such greats as Buzz Lightyear's Space Range Spin, a great interactive ride where you get to compete with your fellow riders


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7 Seas Drive, Bay Lake, FL 32836,

(407) 939-6244

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