Adventure Island

's 30 acres provides endless opportunities for soaking, sunning and relaxing. The surf's always up in the breathtaking, 17,000-square foot wave pool. Every few minutes, you'll be treated to rolling surf with waves up to five feet high. If you donít fancy thrilling slides or buffeting waves try the Rambling Bayou. This calm, half-mile tube trip will take you through a colorful rain forest featuring lush landscapes, tropical waterfalls even rain and fog. It's a perfect bit of rest and relaxation between thrills and spills.



Adventure Island Tampa

Adventure Island Tampa

Where the tropical wildlife is YOU





Don't Miss at Adventure Island Tampa

Fabianís Fun Point
Aimed at younger park visitors. Everything in it is sized just right for smaller hands and kid-size courage. There's a mini wave pool, plus bubbly springs and jumping jets for spraying and playing. Or they can take it vertical and climb around on a water-friendly jungle gym.

Calypso Coaster
Go solo or pair up with a friend . This open flume ride spills out into the Rambling Bayou River think of it as the calm after the storm. Age/Height Restrictions: Riders under 42 inches tall must wear a life vest, and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted.


Find Adventure Island

10001 N. McKinley Drive,
Tampa, FL 33612


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